About Athlon Fitness & Performance, San Luis Obispo’s Best Personal Trainers

Athlon was originally created to fulfill the need for an “elite” level fitness and sports performance facility for athletes in San Luis Obispo and it’s neighboring cities.  A place where high level fitness and performance enthusiasts could trust they were getting the most up to date, scientifically-proven training strategies.  We assembled a team of exercise physiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and athletic trainers to ensure the methods being researched and applied were high quality and multidisciplinary.
The approach worked and Athlon quickly became known for turning out high level athletes who not only performed at the top of their sport but who also seemed to be very resistant to injury.  It quickly became apparent that not only competitive athletes benefit from Athlon’s unique systems but EVERYONE looking for a physical change, whether it be greater performance, better health, or losing some body fat, would greatly benefit from the unique systems that had been developed.


We realized right away that EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE… 

Maybe not everyone is trying to make the Olympics, (like some of Athlon’s clients), but everyone generally wants to perform well throughout their day, feel good and have energy leftover after.  And of course, EVERYONE likes having the lean, toned and fit body of an athlete…  So we began training EVERYONE!  Home-maker athletes, construction worker athletes, “key-board” athletes, older-adult athletes, desk-jockey athletes, EVERYONE.

Most people want to change their body, fitness and energy levels, health and vitality and overall well being.  The science and techniques behind athletic development CAN be applied to anyone at the right intensity level with the right coaching and they’ll see tremendous improvement in not only the way they perform but in the way they look and feel.

We take immense pride in the education and experience of our staff and their ability to help our members and clients.

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