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our purpose

We help people look, feel, and perform at their best and create the life they want!

oUR values

1) Be Happy & Friendly: Life is a whole lot more fun this way. 
2) Take Personal Responsibility: Success starts and ends with your actions and results. 
3)  Always Over-deliver: Deliver more value than expected.
4) Have Honor and Integrity
: Always do the right thing. 
5)  Be Brave: Don’t fear struggle, pain or failure; it’s necessary. 
6)  Always Growing: Hunger for constant, steady improvement. 

our history

Athlon was originally created to fulfill the strength and conditioning needs for an “elite” fitness and sports performance facility for athletes in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Templeton. A place where high level fitness and performance enthusiasts could trust they were getting the most up to date, scientifically-proven personal training strategies. We assembled a team of exercise physiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and athletic trainers to ensure the methods being researched and applied were high quality and multidisciplinary.

But we quickly realized that EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE…  Maybe not everyone is trying to make the Olympics, (like some of Athlon’s clients), but everyone generally wants to perform better in their life, feel good physically, and have energy leftover at the end of the day.  And of course, EVERYONE likes having the lean, toned body of an athlete…  So we began training EVERYONE in similar speed, strength and conditioning workouts as we do our pros! !  Home-maker athletes, construction worker athletes, “key-board” athletes, older-adult athletes, desk-jockey athletes, EVERYONE.

Most people want to change their body, fitness, and energy levels.  The science and techniques behind athletic development CAN be applied to anyone, whether you’re 9 years-old or 90! With the right exercise selection, intensity level, and coaching you’ll see tremendous improvement in not only the way you perform but in the way you look and feel! Click the button below and see for yourself…

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“I’VE LOST 10% OF MY BODY WEIGHT! The Athlon coaches and facility were/are a big part of my improved fitness, measurements and losing 10% of my body weight. However, I was a bit distressed because now I should get a new wardrobe that fits my “after” body… ;) Thank you!”

-Rodger eberhardt

“As far as workouts went my old routine included talking myself into a couple classes a week or going running a couple times. I had no set idea of consistency or direction until Athlon came along. So joining their program was the best investment I could ever make! It gave me a set schedule and someone actually cared if I showed up to the gym! “

-rachel abbott

“AT FORTY-TWO, I AM STRONGER AND FASTER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN!! Being that I came in with really no goals and hoping to learn a little, I am overwhelmed with how much I have gained. Thank you Athlon! At forty-two, I am stronger and faster than I have ever been. You have changed the way I will exercise, and teach exercise, for the rest of my life.”

-dede auyong

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