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I would like to invite you to start making your life more fun and magnificent through improved fitness and performance. Our team has successfully coached thousands of SLO County residents, from 9 years old to 90! Normally an $85.00 value, you can claim a complimentary Diagnostic Consultation with zero obligation, by submitting the form below. 

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  • Specific to you information on how to transform YOUR body and performance in record time (everyone is different).
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  • An opportunity to sign-on as an Athlon client and get fit once and for all (if there's availability) by working with the most educated, experienced and respected fitness and sports performance coaches in SLO County. 

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“I’VE LOST 10% OF MY BODY WEIGHT! The Athlon coaches and facility were/are a big part of my improved fitness, measurements and losing 10% of my body weight. However, I was a bit distressed because now I should get a new wardrobe that fits my “after” body… ;) Thank you!"

-Rodger eberhardt

"As far as workouts went my old routine included talking myself into a couple classes a week or going running a couple times. I had no set idea of consistency or direction until Athlon came along. So joining their program was the best investment I could ever make! It gave me a set schedule and someone actually cared if I showed up to the gym! "

-rachel abbott

“AT FORTY-TWO, I AM STRONGER AND FASTER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN!! Being that I came in with really no goals and hoping to learn a little, I am overwhelmed with how much I have gained. Thank you Athlon! At forty-two, I am stronger and faster than I have ever been. You have changed the way I will exercise, and teach exercise, for the rest of my life.”

-dede auyong

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