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private and semi private training

Private / semi-private personal training


Whether you’re just starting on a fitness path and feel lost, or you want to reach very specific goals, this program guarantees success! You’ll work with one of our caring coaches in a small, intimate setting so you get lots of attention and focus on your individual needs.

We’ve helped thousands of San Luis Obispo County residents improve strength, lose weight, decrease pain, and perform at their best. Our coaches are experts at working with beginners, but many high profile athletes like major league baseball players, NFL football players, UFC fighters, USA Olympians, and PGA tour golfers have trusted us to help them achieve their goals.


“I started feeling OLD: aching in new places, getting winded on walks, knowing better but still not eating healthy foods, and needing help to do “heavy” jobs around the house. It took me a few months to get the courage, but I signed up with Athlon. The result, 10 months later, amazes me every day! I feel good!! My aches are gone, my endurance is greater, and my strength is amazing!”

-Irene Dailey

“The dedication the staff has in personalizing client workouts and constantly changing them up for engagement is second to none. If you’re committed to changing your body and health this gym and its staff is like no other! The techniques you will learn will create an energy and excitement to achieve great things. Best overall experience I have ever had in a gym setting!”

-Jim Van Brasch

“I play baseball on a scout team for the Cleveland Indians and during this time I’ve talked with many college scouts. After training at Athlon Elite my power increased by 35%, my bat speed had increased by 23% and myspeed and agility by 16%. I would highly recommend training at Athlon Elite to anyone wanting to improve performance or get into better shape!”

-Connor Mcquade

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Group personal training

Group Personal training


This personalized group training program is UNLIKE any other gym program on the Central Coast. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or very accomplished in the fitness arena, it will shatter your concept of “gym” fitness.

Scientifically Proven Design

Backed by the science of athletic strength and conditioning and the injury “pre-habilitation” techniques of physical therapists, Athlon’s Elite Fitness Group Training program stimulates metabolism, improves joint and muscle strength, and cuts body fat like no other.

Expert Coaching & Support

You’ll benefit from the energy of a fun and supportive group, plus get expert guidance from Athlon’s team of coaches, who all hold advanced degrees and industry-leading certifications and have over 70 years of combined coaching experience.

Amazing Fat Loss & Performance

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved strength, or to just move and feel better you can expect to reach that goal quickly!  You’ll notice changes after just one week of training in this program… 


  • Develop a ton of self-confidence training like an athlete, and have a sexy “athlete” body to prove it, even if you’ve never been an athlete before… 
  • Feel stronger in mind and body when you can successfully progress to more difficult exercises… Our coaches work successfully with ALL fitness levels and deliver amazing results… 
  • Watch in amazement as your body starts to show more muscle, athleticism, and skillful control of your movements… 
  • Develop a much better understanding of correct nutrition for YOU and the ability to make good choices and cook healthier meals…
  • Make new friends who want to look and feel as good as you because it’ll be obvious that you’re making some amazing and positive changes in your life… 
  • Watch your clothes get looser and looser, which gives you even greater motivation to stay on the right path of good healthy habits… You can start planning your new wardrobe now!! 
  • Do all this in just a few one-hour workouts each week, because our scientifically-designed program is focused and straight to the point…

group testimonials


“We love the atmosphere at Athlon, it’s supportive & educational. We never feel pressured yet we’re always coached to do the best we can – even when we don’t think we can do it…We’ve accomplished more than ever imagined and have never felt better! We’ve dropped body fat and have gotten stronger, but more importantly, we’ve improved our energy to keep up with our two toddler boys (that takes a lot)…”

-Mike and Becky Hicks

“I had a great outrigger racing season this year, best yet…definitely as a result of the Athlon Elite program and a good paddling coach. I look forward to kicking some butt next season!”

-Laurel Golling

“I’ve never felt stronger. My training has hit a turning point and I feel like I’m performing better thanks to your training. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me.”

-Jason Von Flue

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sports performance training

sports performance training


“If you’re tired of ‘missing the mark’ in competition and want to reclaim the TOP SPOT, this program is exactly what you’ve been looking for…”

Train Like the Pros

 Unlike other programs in SLO County that ‘say’ they’re for athletes when they’re really just a “hard” boot camp program that leave athletes sore, injured, and in pain, Athlon’s results-based programming incorporates tools and techniques from sports science and functional neurology that lead to faster, more accurate, injury resistant athletes.

You can expect training and coaching in:

With Athlon’s programs and coaching you’ll:
• Have the confidence that you ARE the best conditioned athlete on the field, court, ring, pool, etc.… 
• Perform at the HIGHEST LEVEL in your sport and take home the championship every time, (plus improve your chance of a scholarship offer)… 
• Rehabilitate or completely avoid those nagging injuries that always seem to set you back in your training…  
• Be the envy of all your peers and competitors because of the ease and gracefulness of your performance… Be the leader of your team because you now have the power, speed, agility, and athleticism of a high-level athlete! 


“Before attending Athlon Elite’s summer speed camp, I felt like I wasn’t reaching my full potential as an athlete. Not only was I more prepared to begin my season, but I was able to achieve all my goals, including an increase in my vertical by at least 5 inches! I now hit harder, jump higher, and move faster than I ever have before.”

-Julie English

“I’ve been training at Athlon for the past 5 off seasons and have seen tremendous improvements in my strength and flexibility as a result of their training programs. I would highly recommend Athlon to anyone wanting to improve. They understand the human body and create the most dynamic program to fit it’s individual needs.”

-Brandon Roberts

“Before training at Athlon Elite I didn’t how to reach my racing goals, they gave me direction and organization to my training program. I now feel like I am stronger than I have ever been, and know that my speed on the track will reflect this training. Athlon Elite has what it takes to get every professional athlete to the next level.”

-Topher Ingalls

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Athlon Gym Membership

athlon gym membership

Athlon offers a basic ‘on-your-own-time’ fitness membership so you can have unlimited access to our unique, motivating, results-based facility.  There are always expert coaches on the gym floor, and we offer locker rooms with all the amenities, complimentary towel service, and of course, the fun and supportive community environment that Athlon is known for…  Try the Athlon difference!

Beginners: If you’ve never exercised before, or it’s just been a long time, then our Success Program (included with membership) will get you moving in the right direction quickly. Our coaches are experts at working with new exercisers and getting them to their goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Intermediates: Have you hit a plateau doing the same old thing?  Then the specific programming you’ll get from us (included in a basic membership) plus the highly motivating environment will get you to that next level and looking and feeling better than ever.  Fast!

Advanced: Athlon has become the choice in SLO County for real fitness and performance enthusiasts. We offer access to equipment and training methods, as well as top-level coaches, NO ONE else offers. That’s why the local athletes, AND COACHES, choose Athlon. Check out our facility and take your training to the next level!


“I cannot begin to thank you for the interest you have taken in helping me get my body moving once again following four back surgeries. I appreciate your staff and fitness members treating me the same as others trying to achieve their goals, rather than ignoring me as a senior citizen who no longer can make any progress.”

-Gene Anderson

“I went to a restaurant the other day for lunch and one of the girls I hadn’t seen in a long time pulled me aside and said ‘I didn’t want to ask in front of your friends, but have you been working out?’ I said ‘yep!’ She says, ‘I really noticed it in your chest and your butt. You look good!”

-Clint Davis

“I had my league finals meet yesterday, and I did great! Thanks to my training at Athlon Elite I won the high jump by 4 inches (I got a new PR of 5’5″)! My goal for the season was to jump my height, which I did. Thank you so much for training me this season! I had absolutely no idea that I could ever jump 5 inches higher than last year. “

-Cara Vernacchia

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