Membership Freeze Request

We offer the opportunity to freeze your membership dues for those times when you cannot attend the gym.

Terms and Conditions

1.  All membership freeze requests must be submitted through this website . 7 DAYS PRIOR to absence.
2.  Freeze time will not be granted retroactively.
3.  Freeze time is not to exceed three consecutive months.

Personal training/Group memberships: may freeze in daily increments (7-day minimum).
Basic memberships: may freeze in daily increments (30-day minimum).
Nutrition memberships: cannot be frozen.

Last date of freeze should be the day your training resumes.

Memberships will be reactivated automatically at the end of your freeze period and your dues will automatically resume.

Please email your freeze request to

In your freeze request email be sure to include:
1.  Freeze Start Date
2.  How many days frozen
3.  Purpose of freeze
We will confirm back to you via email when we have processed it. Thank you!

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