This is our most personalized coaching program, designed to get you to your goal no matter what it is…Whether you’re just starting down a fitness/performance path and aren’t sure what to do, or you’ve been training but now have very specific (and challenging) goals you want to achieve, this is the program that will guarantee you success!

You can Expect highly customized, corrective exercise routines, science-based nutrition planning, and world-class coaching from a dedicated staff of fitness professionals.  And it’s all designed to fit around YOUR schedule so time-constraints won’t get in your way.

I started feeling OLD:  aching in new places, getting winded on walks, knowing better but still not eating healthy foods, and needing help to do “heavy” jobs around the house. It took me a few months to get the courage, but I signed up with Athlon. The result, 10 months later, amazes me every day!  I feel good!!  My aches are gone, my endurance is greater, and my strength is amazing!  My clothes are now a size smaller.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not young and I’m not skinny, but I get lots of compliments from friends, “Wow! You look good! You look peaceful and happy!”

Irene Dailey

The dedication the staff has in personalizing client workouts and constantly changing them up for engagement is second to none. If you’re committed to changing your body and health this gym and its staff is like no other! The techniques you will learn will create an energy and excitement to achieve great things. Best overall experience I have ever had in a gym setting!…

Jim Van Brasch

With my history of injury, I was impressed that I could see such dramatic results without injury. Their knowledge and willingness to adapt exercises and routines that worked for me was incredibly helpful. And, nutrition being a huge part of my success, their working knowledge of WHAT and WHEN I should eat helped me to get great results. The exercise programs are like nothing I have ever done before. The results continue to surprise.

Ryan Maxwell

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  • Within days you’ll start waking up with more energy and excitement, ready to take on the world, because your body feels good and no longer aches like it used to…
  • You’ll see your clothes start fitting better and your image in the mirror changing within a couple weeks or less!
  • You’ll want to start taking on bigger challenges because of what you’ve already accomplished in Athlon…
  • You’ll feel stronger in mind and body when you can successfully progress to more difficult exercises… Our coaches are experts at working with ALL fitness levels and deliver amazing results…
  • You’ll discover simple ways to make smart eating choices at home and when eating out, (we don’t put you in a nutrition “box” we work with how you like to eat and show you the right choices for your body and eating style…)
  • You’ll have tremendous confidence in your movements because our systems maximize your athletic ability (at any age and level)…
  • You’ll have dramatically less stress because you’re body and mind are strengthened from our unique training systems…
  • You’ll start getting those ‘looks’ again from others because of your lean, strong body.
  • You’ll start “attacking” life again because achy painful joints will be a thing of the past.