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Take charge of your fitness at Athlon Fitness & Performance

If you've spent any time at Athlon Fitness & Performance, you've probably seen Becky absolutely crushing a workout. Her hard work and dedication inspires us and we appreciate her kind words. SHARE this with a friend who could use the motivation!

Athlon takes the time to teach proper technique

Nicole Pazdan talks about why she attends Athlon Fitness & Performance. "You get individualized care, meaning if you are doing something wrong they will correct you. I've been to other gyms in a group setting and no one has ever corrected me."


jazz on mental running

Can you improve your running with mental strength? ~ Yes! These tips will help.

how to do the perfect pull-up

Are you UP for the perfect pull up? Coach Angela takes us through the elements of proper technique and form to get the most out of it. SHARE this with a friend who could benefit from a free consultation on making the most of their fitness routine.

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